About Charlie

I've been a sexuality educator and coach for over two decades. In that time, I've seen how often people struggle with sexuality, ignorance, shame, and fear. I've also had the honor to witness the incredible transformations that stepping into authentic sexuality can create.

My goal is to help you discover new ways to experience amazing sex, create the life that maximizes your joy, and build happy relationships. Wherever you are in your life and whatever the challenges you're facing, you don't have to do it alone.

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Sex Positivity

One of the most common questions I hear is “What do you mean, sex-positive? Doesn’t everyone like sex?” But sex-positivity is much more complex than whether you like sex or not. After all, lots of people enjoy food and still have a negative relationship to it.

In a world that limits sexual information and shames people who step outside the bounds, sex-positivity is the idea that the consent, pleasure, & well-being of the people who engage in a sexual act and the people who are affected by it are all that's important. With that, we can start building the sexual lives that we desire and deserve!

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Why Learn About Sex?

If you're curious about something new, if a partner has expressed a desire and you want to explore it, or if you're facing challenges in your relationships, your physical health, aging, or anything else, I can help you find the answers you need.

I teach workshops about many sexual practices for organizations, community groups, or simply a gathering of friends. I also present lectures for universities & conferences, and trainings for professional groups, such as medical staff, therapists, clergy, and non-profit agencies.

Get the answers and support you need from an expert and see for yourself how much it helps!

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The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure Is Here!

Ultimate Guide to Prostrate Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners has hit the shelves and it's been getting great reviews!

More men than ever before are exploring prostate play and discovering how much fun it can be. We’re excited to share this book with you and we hope that you discover new ways to experience amazing pleasure. Check out the book's website for toy reviews, tips to get you started, and prostate health information!

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I travel all over North America, teaching workshops and talking about sex. Check my calendar to see when I'll be in your area. I also offer sex & relationship coaching over Skype for individuals or couples, so when you're ready to take control of your sex life, I'm here to help. Get in touch!