Q&A: Why Do People Do That?

Here’s a question I recently got: There are lots of things people do in bed that seem really aversive and painful to me. BDSM, anal sex, anal beads, fisting, etc. that, at the very least (to my vanilla background) seem like they should be aversive, scary, painful, etc. yet are preferred sexual behaviors by many. […]

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Sexual Authenticity and Your “True Self”

Over on Facebook, Gloria Brame recently posed the question: Do you change when you go on vacation? Do you become someone you are not at home? Topic came up in therapy today. The answers were pretty varied. Here are a few of them. True side can come out not so much different oh yes, eagerly […]

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I’m Not Easy. I’m Selectively Convenient

One of the things that often surprises people is the fact that being queer, kinky, and poly doesn’t have to mean that someone is promiscuous. “Promiscuous” is such an interesting word. My dictionary has two definitions for it: having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships demonstrating or implying an undiscriminating or unselective approach; indiscriminate […]

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U of Tennessee Sex Week Loses Funding

It’s always amazing to me how squeamish university administrators and state legislators get when it comes to supporting Sex Week events. I’m scheduled to speak at the University of Tennessee Sex Week in April and I just found out that while the event is still on the calendar, the majority of the funding has been […]

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Opening to Love

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When Alfred Kinsey first published his groundbreaking book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (also known as the Kinsey Report, along with the sequel Sexual Behavior in the Human Female), one of the complaints that was leveled at him is that he never mentioned or discussed the experiences of love among his interviewees. Given that […]

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Liberate Your Ass: Why Sexual Freedom Is Key To Fighting The Right

It’s hardly news that neo-conservative groups are waging a war on sex. But it’s often a surprise to me how rarely progressive movements integrate sexuality issues into their efforts. In my view, there is no freedom without sexual freedom. On June 7, I’m speaking on a panel at Netroots Nation: Liberate Your Ass: Why Sexual Freedom […]

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You Can Be Sex-Positive And Not Enthusiastic About Sex

After I wrote Enthusiasm For Sex Isn’t The Same Thing As Sex-Positivity, I received this tweet, which reminded me of the other side of the coin: https://twitter.com/#!/KelseyEducation/statuses/188766356102053888 I suppose I thought it was implicit in my post, but upon reflection, I think there’s some important stuff to unpack there. There are a lot of reasons […]

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